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Apple Pie Apple Pie

A mountain of apples are combined with sugar and spice, and encased in a double crust.

Starting Price: $32.00
Apple Tart Apple Tart

Caramelized apples with a little brandy fill these individual all-butter pastries.

Starting Price: $31.80
Banana Tart Banana Tart

Layers of fresh bananas, pastry cream and whipped cream cover a light layer of chocolate in this shortbread pastry.

Starting Price: $31.80
Blueberry Tart Blueberry Tart

Sweet blueberries are baked in an all butter shortbread pastry.

Starting Price: $55.00
Buche de Noel (Yule Log) Buche de Noel (Yule Log)

Deep chocolate-almond sponge cake rolled around rich raspberry buttercream covered in a bark of chocolate ganache and graced with a dusting of powered sugar snow and meringue mushrooms.

Starting Price: $125.00
Cherry Pie Cherry Pie

A golden latticework top crust reveals the sweet-tart cherry filing, simmered to perfection.

Starting Price: $32.00
Chocolate Almond Crunch Tart Chocolate Almond Crunch Tart

Our chocolate pastry is baked and filled with caramelized almonds covered with a rich chocolate mousse then glazed with a chocolate ganache.

Starting Price: $31.80
Chocolate Caramel Walnut Tart Chocolate Caramel Walnut Tart

Walnuts and cream are carmelized and baked and then drizzled with imported dark chocolate in this shortbread crust.

Starting Price: $55.00
Chocolate Pecan Tart Chocolate Pecan Tart

A dark rich chocolate gooey filling is full of pecans in a shortbread crust.

Starting Price: $55.00
Chocolate Raspberry Tart Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Chocolate pastry filled with whipped ganache and fresh raspberries and surrounded by chocolate cigarette curls.

Starting Price: $31.80
Coconut Cream Tart Coconut Cream Tart

Take a sweetened buttery pastry and fill it with rich pastry cream and coconut and then cover it in whipped cream and you have a delicious tart.

Starting Price: $31.80
Flourless Chocolate Decadence Flourless Chocolate Decadence

A very special imported semi-sweet dark chocolate is blended with eggs and butter and baked. Covered in dark chocolate curls.

Starting Price: $60.00
Fruit Tart w/Pastry Cream Fruit Tart w/Pastry Cream

Our fruit tarts are true examples of food as art. A delicious buttery pastry is filled with rich pastry cream and then covered with assorted fruits in season to finish with beautiful and delectable creations.

Starting Price: $37.00
German Chocolate Tart German Chocolate Tart

Our buttery chocolate pastry is baked and filled with pastry cream, coconut, caramel and pecans, then covered and decorated in rich chocolate ganache.

Starting Price: $31.80
Key Lime Tart Key Lime Tart

Key lime juice is made into a custard amd mixed with lightly sweetened whipped cream to fill this shortbread pastry.

Starting Price: $31.80
Pecan Pie Pecan Pie

Roasted pecans and pure bourbon mingle in this sweet tribute to the tradition of the old South.

Starting Price: $32.00
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pumpkin Cheesecake

A delicious addition of spices and pumpkin fill this rich cheesecake in a graham cracker crust.

Starting Price: $50.00
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie

Traditional pumpkin pie laced with a hint of bourbon and spices.

Starting Price: $30.00
Raspberry Marzipan Tart Raspberry Marzipan Tart

Two layers of imported raspberry preserves surround a ground almond filling in a shortbread crust.

Starting Price: $55.00
Royal Riviera® Pear Almond Tart Royal Riviera® Pear Almond Tart

OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS 2016! Fresh pears poached in red and white wine alternate for a beautiful design on an almond filling in an all butter pastry.

Royal Riviera® Pears are delicate and require a very specific climate in which to grow, which makes the warm days and cool nights of Southern Oregon ideal for cultivating this famous fruit. The sweet flavor, buttery texture, and extreme juiciness of these pears are what make them so delicious.

Starting Price: $55.00