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Chocolate Almond Crunch Blackout Espresso Fudge Carrot Cake
Chocolate Almond Crunch
Starting Price: $48.00
Blackout Espresso Fudge
Starting Price: $48.00
Carrot Cake
Starting Price: $48.00
Dark chocolate cake with three layers of fresh whipped cream, our Belgian chocolate ganache, and caramelized almonds. Frosted with chocolate ganache, and topped with whipped cream and a ring of caramelized almonds. Dark chocolate cake with three layers of a dark chocolate fudge that has been infused with espresso. Frosted in chocolate fudge espresso and decorated with a vanilla buttercream multi-colored design. Carrot cakes are rich and full of spices, walnuts and raisins. They are filled with a pecan-caramel filling, covered with our rich cream cheese frosting and then topped with toasted coconut and decorated with colorful buttercream roses.
Chocolate Raspberry Chocolate Strawberry Coconut
Chocolate Raspberry
Starting Price: $48.00
Chocolate Strawberry
Starting Price: $48.00
Starting Price: $48.00
Dark chocolate cake filled with a mixture of Belgian chocolate ganache, imported raspberry preserves and raspberry liqueur. Cut with a domed edge and frosted with chocolate ganache. Decorated with a buttercream art nouveau design with fresh raspberries. Dark chocolate cake with three fillings of Belgian chocolate ganache, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Frosted with a chocolate ganache vine and chocolate dipped strawberries. Yellow butter cake with three layers of french pastry cream and sweetened coconut. Frosted with vanilla buttercream and coated in sweetened coconut, topped with a spray of white buttercream roses.
Dulce de Leche German Chocolate Italian Rum Wedding
Dulce de Leche
Starting Price: $48.00
German Chocolate
Starting Price: $48.00
Italian Rum Wedding
Starting Price: $48.00
Layers of yellow butter cake with three layers of caramel pastry cream, covered in pale yellow dulce de leche buttercream and decorated with a lavender floral design. Dark chocolate cake filled with a layer of each; toasted coconut in pastry cream, caramel praline (candied pecans) and chocolate ganache. Frosted and fluted with a European chocolate buttercream and... Yellow butter cake lightly brushed with rum filled with two layers of pastry cream and a center layer of European chocolate buttercream. Frosted with our vanilla buttercream.
Old Fashioned Chocolate Passionfruit w/Apricot Princess
Old Fashioned Chocolate
Starting Price: $48.00
Passionfruit w/Apricot
Starting Price: $48.00
Starting Price: $48.00
Dark chocolate cake filled with French chocolate buttercream and frosted with Belgian chocolate ganache, topped with a mound of imported chocolate curls. Yellow butter cake layered with a mixture of passion fruit pastry cream and apricot preserves in three fillings. Frosted with a passion fruit buttercream and hand painted with water color roses. With notice, rose color can be specified. A European yellow cake layered with pastry cream and raspberry preserves. Frosted with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream and cloaked in green marzipan (almond paste). Decorated with a ribbon swag design adorned with tiny rosettes and daisies.
Raspberry Lemon Red Velvet Seven Layer Chocolate
Raspberry Lemon
Starting Price: $48.00
Red Velvet
Starting Price: $48.00
Seven Layer Chocolate
Starting Price: $48.00
Yellow butter cake filled with two layers of homemade English lemon curd and a center filling of raspberry curd. Topped with a light green buttercream, the sides fluted with pink raspberry buttercream. Decorated with pink buttercream roses. A light chocolate buttermilk cake, a rich beautiful red, with two layers of cream cheese filling as well as frosting of cream cheese. We decorate this cake with buttercream red poppies and edge it with toasted red velvet cake crumbs. Seven thin layers of yellow butter cake alternate with six layers of French chocolate buttercream. The cake is domed and coated with a poured chocolate, then decorated with chocolate buttercream roses.
Seven Layer Mocha White Chocolate Lemon White Chocolate Raspberry
Seven Layer Mocha
Starting Price: $48.00
White Chocolate Lemon
Starting Price: $48.00
White Chocolate Raspberry
Starting Price: $48.00
Seven thin layers of yellow butter cake alternate with six layers of fresh coffee buttercream. The cake is domed and coated with a poured chocolate shell, then decorated with vanilla buttercream roses. Alternating layers of yellow butter cake with Belgian white chocolate mousse and English lemon curd. Coated with a poured white chocolate and decorated with vanilla buttercream vines and leaves. Four layers of yellow butter cake are filled with imported white chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries. Frosted with sides of fluted vanilla buttercream and topped with a mound of white chocolate curls.
Vanilla Cr�me Cake Boston Cream Cake Triple Berry Shortcake
Vanilla Crème Cake
Starting Price: $48.00
Boston Cream Cake
Starting Price: $48.00
Triple Berry Shortcake
Starting Price: $50.00
Our yellow cake layered with 2 layers of vanilla pastry cream, alternating with 2 layers of whipped cream and covered in vanilla buttercream with a simple design that appeals to children and adults. Our yellow cake layered with 2 layers of chocolate mousse, alternating with one layer of pastry cream is covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with an ornate floral leaf design. A yellow butter cake filled with three layers of lightly sweetened whipped cream and layers of fresh berries: raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. Frosted with whipped cream and decorated with buttercream vines and fresh berries.
Flourless Chocolate Decadence Buche de Noel (Yule Log)
Flourless Chocolate Decadence
Starting Price: $60.00
Buche de Noel (Yule Log)
Starting Price: $125.00
A very special imported semi-sweet dark chocolate is blended with eggs and butter and baked. Covered in dark chocolate curls. Deep chocolate-almond sponge cake rolled around rich raspberry buttercream covered in a bark of chocolate ganache and graced with a dusting of powered sugar snow and meringue mushrooms.